Handale 5kW

Multi Fuel Free Standing Stove

Designed with the smaller room in mind, the traditionally styled Handale 5kw Stove is designed to fit neatly into a standard builders opening. The Handale introduces classic form with a modern contemporary feel.

A clean styled, flexible model that works with both modern and traditional settings. The Handale 5kw is available with controllability of the slider which allows full control of the primary air intake.

Handale - 5kW

Product Features

  • Defra approved
  • Stunning large glass flame picture
  • Built in air wash
  • Top & Rear Outlet
  • Flue Draught Test Point
  • British design
  • Versatile contemporary style
  • Vermiculite lined
  • Manufactured to British quality assurance
  • Certified and tested to European Standards (BS EN 13240)
  • Schott Robax® glass fronted door
  • Steel Body & Cast iron Door

Product Features

Technical Information

Appliance Handale
Fuel Type Beech Smokeless Fuel
Output kW (nominal) 5.0 5.0
Efficiency (%) 82.5 80.8
Refuel Interval (h) 0.81 1.03
CO Emissions at 13% O2 (vol%) 0.05 0.06
NOx Emissions at 13% O2 (mg/m03) 73 82
CxHy (OGC) Emissions at 13% O2 (mg/m03) 44 23
Dust (PM) Emissions at 13% O2(mg/m03) 26 20
Flue gas temp. (°C) 254 287

Each stove comes with a Lifetime Warranty* guarantee from date of purchase

*Excluding consumable parts - vermiculite / rope / glass / grate