What Is ECO Design?

Why Are Eco Design Stoves So Important?
Eco-design stoves, also known as environmentally friendly or Eco-friendly stoves, are designed to meet specific environmental standards and regulations aimed at reducing emissions and improving overall efficiency. Several reasons highlight the importance of Eco-design stoves:
Reduced Emissions:
Eco-design stoves are engineered to emit significantly fewer pollutants compared to traditional stoves. This includes lower levels of particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances. By minimizing emissions, these stoves contribute to improved air quality and help mitigate the impact of wood-burning on the environment.
Energy Efficiency:
Eco-design stoves are constructed with advanced technology and features that enhance combustion efficiency. This means that a greater percentage of the energy from burning wood is converted into heat, resulting in less waste and a more sustainable use of resources.
Compliance with Regulations:
Many countries and regions have implemented strict regulations to address air quality concerns related to wood-burning stoves. Eco-design stoves are designed to meet or exceed these regulations, ensuring that consumers have access to appliances that align with environmental standards.
Sustainable Resource Management:
Wood is considered a renewable resource, but its sustainability depends on responsible harvesting and usage. Eco-design stoves often encourage the use of properly seasoned and certified wood, promoting sustainable practices in the forestry industry.
Lower Environmental Impact:
Eco-design stoves are developed with a holistic approach to minimize their overall environmental impact. This includes considerations for the entire lifecycle of the stove, from manufacturing and transportation to use and disposal. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes are often integral to their design.
Health and Safety:
Reduced emissions from eco-design stoves not only benefit the environment but also contribute to improved indoor air quality. Lower levels of pollutants mean less exposure to harmful substances, promoting better respiratory health for individuals using the stoves and their households.


In line with on-going government strategies to promote cleaner air and to better support consumer decisions in the purchase of environmentally responsible products, HETAS has launched the independent “Cleaner Choice” initiative for UK biomass and solid fuel products. These developments aim to reform the currently recognised HETAS Product Approval Scheme, to align with changing legal requirements as well as keeping up with demand from consumers for appliances that can be utilised for the environmentally responsible and safe burning of cleaner and lower carbon fuels.



All appliances that show the clearSkies mark have been independently certified by the Scheme administrator, confirming that they meet or exceed the forthcoming Ecodesign Regulations.

This is based on the appliance’s independent test results for efficiency and four different types of emissions, and give the assurance that you are choosing a low emission and low carbon heating solution for your home.


Craftsmanship and Design

The craftsmanship of our Oakleaf stove is simply outstanding. The attention to detail and quality materials used in its construction are evident from the moment you lay eyes on it.

The design is both classic and timeless, fitting seamlessly into our home decor. It's clear that Oakleaf takes pride in creating stoves that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.